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Top 10 reasons to work with Rob when house hunting

Your best interests are upheld

Rob focuses his energies on representing, promoting and defending your best interests. He constantly thinks about how to serve and benefit each valued client. Looking out for people during the home finding and purchasing process is Rob's greatest passion.   


You'll receive new listings 1 HOUR after they're listed

The Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) recently introduced a service that automatically emails brand new listings to buyer clients no later than 1 HOUR after each listing hits the market. For example, if an agent loads his or her new listing onto TREB servers at 10:05am today, TREB will automatically email it to Rob's buyer by 11:05am, same day. In a market where many competing buyers wait eagarly for new listings, Rob gives you an advantage by setting you up on TREB's high-speed buyer platform.


Rob will show you an unlimited number of properties

Some agents show only 10 or so properties to their buyers, then pressure them to purchase. Rob will show an unlimited number of properties to his buyers until the client says, "Rob, let's stop looking because I want to buy this one", or "Rob, I don't want to view anymore homes because I can't find what I need in my limited price range" (some buyers prefer superior features of more expensive properties but can't afford the prices).  Either way, Rob will show homes of interest to you with no obligation or pressure to buy. 


Rob points out property flaws and potential pitfalls

Rob points out character flaws and deficiencies of properties he shows. You don't want to pay a certain price for a home, only to learn that you should have offered less because your home inspector noticed the furnace or roof shingles need replacing, etc. Rob's trained and experienced eye will uncover many major and minor flaws BEFORE you decide whether to submit an Offer!


Rob does extra research into matters of concern

Ronald Reagan applied a Russian proverb when dealing with the Soviet Union: "trust, but verify!" That  certainly applies to real estate. Rob doesn't take the word of the seller or seller's agent regarding essential underlying issues with the property or area without researching it himself. Furthermore, Rob will look into any other concerns you may have. Making informed decisions is extremely important before buying.  


You'll never be pressured or manipulated into buying

Rob does not apply high pressure sales tactics on his buyers. You won't hear Rob say things like: "You're not going to find any house better than this", or "You'd be crazy not to make an Offer", or "I know it doesn't have a master ensuite like you wanted, but you can use the shower in the basement". Giving biased advice, rushing the client, not disclosing negative information about the property or area, and using old-fashioned bullying techniques is NOT what Rob does. Trying to make buyers buy something they don't want is not only bad business, it's incredibly rude and disrespectful.


You'll receive SOLD listings of homes from any neighbourhood

Buyers are often curious to know what homes have sold for in certain areas. Buyers are especially concerned with the sold prices of properties surrounding the home they want to buy. Rob will email you all the sold listings from any number of communities upon request. More importantly, he'll email every listing that sold over the past few years that compares to the property you wish to purchase, including a complete MLS history (past sales) of the property under consideration.


Rob drafts Offer clauses to protect & promote your best interests

Years of experience has given Rob the ability to draft custom clauses in his buyer's Offers to protect them against harm, defective property issues and other potential hazzards. Some properties have unique or challenging aspects that require special clauses to address specific concerns. Designing clauses with contractual remedies to protect you from possible negative outcomes is something Rob takes very seriously.


Rob negotiates aggressively on your behalf

Negotiating is the fun part for Rob. He enjoys taking sellers to their limits to ensure his buyers get the very best deal possible. He's developed tried and tested techniques to obtain many concessions for his buyers. No one can guarantee the outcome of any negotiation, but Rob will do everything possible to bring the seller down in price and obtain terms and conditions favourable to you.  


Rob manages everything from Offer presentation to closing day

Rob takes care of his buyers before, during and after the Offer is accepted - right up to and including closing day. Each home purchase agreement requires attention to various details, conditions, time sensitive issues, home inspections, financing, and the fulfillment of various steps before closing. Rob manages these important follow-up items so you can enjoy a stress-free experience. If glitches arise because of the actions or inaction of other parties, Rob will work tirelessly to resolve all issues to your complete satisfaction. 


We've had the pleasure of working with Rob in buying each of our two homes. The first was one year into our marriage - no kids - back in 2001. The most recent one was a longer process as we were searching with a more experienced mindset and with a much longer list of "must haves" and "have nots'', as we now have four children, one with special needs. 


Rob's help in finding our first home was invaluable. He spent a great deal of time showing us homes and helping us to learn about what was available, the neighbourhoods, and how to look at the potential of a home, beyond the decor. We found what we believed would be our "forever home" and moved in on our one year wedding anniversary. We loved this home and have 15 years of many happy memories there.


When we contacted Rob about looking for a larger home in the same city, he listened to what we were looking for and helped us narrow down the areas of the city that we should focus on based on our needs. We were subscribed to his email service as we searched for our new home. This service was such a time saver and so helpful in helping us see what was available in the areas that we preferred to live.


Rob came with us on numerous home visits and spent a great deal of time looking at the finer details of homes that we showed interest in. He would ask us important questions about how we would use each room and helped us to see how we could/would live in each space. He provided insight on needed and desired upgrades. Quite honestly his questions kept us from making an offer on a home that we now know was not the right one for us. 

Once we found the "right home" he visited the home with us for two very thorough visits. He meticulously examined every feature in the home to help ensure that we were falling for a good place and made an offer with the right information in hand on the property. 


Once we purchased the home, Rob came with us on our post-purchase visits and went so far above and beyond the call of duty in helping us get permissions for building a fence. Even once we moved in, Rob assisted with issues arising from lawyer errors. 


He simply is the best. We are so thrilled with his service and most highly recommend him!


Rob and Nadia helped us find the perfect home. But what we found most amazing as first time home buyers, is the way Rob walked us through step by step with everything that accompanies a house purchase. We learned a lot and we had a great experience. We can't thank them enough for all the effort. Great job!

Natasa Andric & Al Fennell

I have dealt with a number of agents in the past and was very impressed with Rob's incredible work ethic. I have never seen anyone respond to calls, schedule more showings, gather more intel on each neighbourhood and in many instances pre-inspect each property with more diligence and energy! Rob impressed me as a very cunning, tenacious and experienced negotiator who was not only willing but in fact very eager to fight hard to obtain the best possible deal for me. Remarkably, Rob does all of this without ego or abrasiveness. He is truly a pleasure to have in your corner.


Rob Pilon is hands down the best real estate agent I've encountered. He assisted me in finding and purchasing a residential income property in central Toronto. I had previously observed Rob in action on several residential purchase and sale transactions for a friend and I have since recommended him to several close friends and colleagues. All have been very thankful and have given rave reviews!

Mathew H. Hilbing

I want to comment on how well things were handled on the purchasing end of my move. I felt like I had your full service all of the time. When it came time to me making an offer, your negotiating skills were beyond excellent as you got me $13,000 off the asking price. You suggested a very professional home inspector with whom I was completely satisfied with.

In all, I was completely satisfied. I would recommend you to anyone I know in the market to buy or sell a home.  I look forward to working with you in the future.

Robin Andrushko

We found Rob to be a fantastic person to work with.  As first time buyers, we were completely stressed and Rob was able to make the process smooth and painless.  He was genuinely concerned with our situation and went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure our satisfaction. 

As a negotiator, Rob's skills are second to none.  We will definitely call upon him again when the need arises and recommend him to everyone.  Thanks for all your hard work Rob

Jeff Arenovich and Deanna Horgan

Rob and Naadia together provide superior customer service! I contacted Rob during the Christmas season while out of the country regarding a home that he was showcasing in the paper. Rob scheduled a meeting with Nadia and himself to discuss my buying needs. I met with them upon my return to review the choices that were available within my parameters. The next day we viewed homes that matched that criteria. At the end of that day, I found my new home. To help me with my purchase decision, we viewed other similar homes in the area prior to presenting an offer. I really felt that Rob was working in my best interest when he presented my offer to the seller. Although my offer was one of five, he succeeded in getting the seller to accept my offer with terms that we were both happy with. In addition to the level of service, Rob assisted me in resolving any issues I had even outside of the scope of the purchase.


Because my family grew, I was ready to purchase a larger home two years later. Again, we contacted Rob and discussed our criteria with him. He presented homes to me over the course of a few weeks. We were disappointed with the homes available in our price range. We then decided to cast a wider net and found the home that we felt was perfect for our needs. Rob provided insight into specific communities in Mississauga. He was also able to caution us about some of the 'cover ups' employed by sellers to move a property and helped us steer clear of these pitfalls for a more enjoyable buying experience. As a buyer, there was no pressure from Rob to purchase. We felt that we were able to really look for the right home for us, regardless of how long it took. When it came to the offer process, Rob represented our interests. The negotiating process was extremely stressful although Rob maintained his composure which allowed us to obtain our 'perfect home' at the right price for us.


Rob was extremely responsive and returned our calls in a timely fashion. Even after the move, Rob was still engaged with us. He ensured that we were well informed of our rights as buyers following the closing.


Would I recommend Rob and Nadia to friends and family? Certainly! He is the first agent I've worked with and he is going to be my last.

Patrina Bailey & Bjorn Holm

Thanks to Rob and Nadia Pilon, we didn't simply buy a house - we found the home of our dreams. (And paid much less than expected!) As such, we highly recommend the Pilons for their customer-oriented service, their integrity and their refusal to let us settle for just any old house.


Not only is Rob incredibly knowledgeable, professional and friendly, but he's honest. Each time Rob showed us a house, he would indicate all of its flaws, rather than conceal the imperfections. His trustworthy approach provided us with a realistic perspective of each property, which enabled us to make informed decisions.


Also, Nadia provided exceptional care, responding quickly with thorough, accurate research on potential homes and post-purchase considerations.


Every day that we spend in our beautiful home, we feel grateful that Rob and Nadia were on our side!

Lisa Korec & Darren Goller

Moving from Montreal to Mississauga with 4 children...we (my husband and I) thought the transition would be hard.  Thanks to Rob and Nadia they made purchasing a home easier.  

We basically spent weekends with Rob, looking for the ideal home for us. He was very patient, and after viewing a few homes, Rob knew exactly what we were looking for within our price range.  With Nadia in the background and Rob with us, we were able to buy the ideal home for our family. 

They also helped us get in contact with an inspector, real estate lawyer and schools in the area.  We highly recommend Rob and Nadia and a great deal of thanks goes out to them for making the transition effortlessly.

Maria Carvalho and Herculano Peixoto

Our search for a new home took several months. Rob never made us feel rushed and really encouraged us to not settle for anything but the best. He has a keen eye for detail, the ability to ask the right questions and always answered all our questions!

Sarah Cook

We were extremely pleased with Robert Pilon's service during the purchase of our new home.  Robert regularly met with us over the course of several months to show us properties.  He took the necessary time to explain all the features of the home and the local area, and even sent us daily search results for properties we might be interested in - catered to our specifications!  This kind of personal, detailed service was very much appreciated.


Robert was dedicated, knowledgeable and always very courteous and professional.  We have highly recommended Robert to many of our friends and family.

Sukumar Dasgupta

When Cyndi and I were looking for a house we chose Rob based on our feeling that he was the one who could help us with our special situation. He sat us down and we went through the particulars on how we had to find a house within our price range, which would suit our 2 family situation, and the fact that we had to be out of our house within 6 months when the owners took back the house. Rob took an enormous amount of time with me to look for the right house.


While looking we found the good ones, the bad ones and the ugly ones which from the pictures looked great until we got inside. Rob and Nadia always were there on the phone or in person and never once complained about my persistence to find the right house. Rob and I found the perfect house in the Milton area that suited us and for that we can never thank him and Nadia enough. They go above and beyond and in our opinion are the only ones we would recommend as a Real Estate Agent.

Jim and Cyndi Hurt

I have had the sincere pleasure of dealing with Rob and Nadia several times, both in the context of selling my home and purchasing. With each transaction, I was extremely impressed and pleased throughout, particularly with Rob's sensitivity to our wants/needs, his keen instincts, demonstrated professionalism and knowledge of the market.  Not only does Rob have an in-depth understanding of all aspects of a real estate transaction, he also appreciates the various human factors that come into play and that are so important. Both Rob and Nadia consistently demonstrated responsiveness, dependability, accessibility and a genuine eagerness to ensure that my family and I were fully satisfied.


Rob and Nadia are the epitome of service professionals who are happy to "go the extra mile" to ensure that their clients are receiving the best possible service, in all respects.  I will certainly continue to refer friends and colleagues to Rob, with every confidence that he will do his best for them as well, and I will continue to deal with Rob in the future.  Thanks again, Rob and Nadia, for everything!

Kathryn Kirkpatrick

When my husband John and I started out looking for our first home, we really had no clue as to what we were doing - or where we should even start.  Rob Pilon came highly recommended from one of John's friends.  From our first phone conversation with Rob, we knew we had lucked out!  And we were right. Not only was Rob extremely knowledgeable about buying and selling homes, he also had an incredible knowledge of home construction: what to look for and what to avoid.  We relied on him heavily when it came to making the right choices. 


Both Rob and his wife Nadia were also always quick to respond to any questions or concerns we had whether it be by phone, e-mail or in person.  In the end, we found a home that went way beyond our expectations.  Not only was it in our price range, but it was a beautifully renovated, solid brick bungalow!  The location was exactly what we'd hoped for as well!  Our family and friends all told us how fortunate we were and believe me - we know it!

Valerie MacLean

It has been a pleasure working with Rob and Nadia Pilon who have always provided us with cooperation as well as prompt and professional service. To purchase a home is one of the largest and most stressful situations that people can make and over the years I have always used their services because it is comforting to know that we can always count on them.


Nadia has provided us with an excellent search when we wanted to buy another house and sometimes it was difficult because we were not sure of where we wanted to relocate due to a job transfer. She provided us with different areas and price ranges for houses and would also recommend that if something came close to what we were looking for she would draw it to our attention. She has done different inquires for us such as schools, transit systems, septic tank, well and water and zoning so that we were able to make an informed decision.


Rob and Nadia are so focused on customer service and attention to details that I recommend his services to all my family and friends.

Penny Montreuil

When it came to buying, Rob was thorough and aggressive, negotiating the best price possible and always putting our needs first. We had complete peace of mind with his 24 hour availability. Rob delayed his vacation to ensure that we could purchase the home of our dreams.


With Rob and his team you get 100% customer satisfaction and 100% dedication.

Mr. and Mrs. Oluwasola

It was a long haul but we finally found a house and we owe it to you. At night we would be discussing it and thought you might give up on us because we were particular customers. You didn't. You worked relentlessly for us and in the end, your knowledge and savvy closed a deal on a house that met our criteria. The information you provided to us from the "Agent" MLS listings was invaluable. Without you we would have never gotten up to date information. Laura trusted you and that was a huge factor in us finding our home. It was a fun ride and we learned a lot. Remember the dungeon? Hope you did too. Thanks a million.

Grant Priebe

Tasneem and I would like to take this opportunity to thank Rob Pilon for the purchase of our first home. We want to assure you that Rob went above and beyond the services offered by real-estate agents.  Rob was simply superb. 

We wanted to highlight some of the services that Rob provided during our home purchase. Tasneem and I were looking for a Condominium in Mississauga. After working with several Real-Estate Agents who could not satisfy our needs and whose services, according to us, were below Par, a previous purchaser and a friend recommended Rob Pilon's name.  

After meeting with Rob, our business relationship with Rob Pilon developed into an extremely friendly one and we were very much at ease throughout the experience of purchasing our first home. 

As first time home buyers, Rob was instrumental in guiding us throughout the process as well as providing us with valuable advice. During our first meeting, Rob assisted us in deciphering our needs of the condo unit type and location.  Once he understood our needs, he embarked on a journey of searching for available Condominiums, selecting the appropriate units, going for initial visits, taking 20-30 digital pictures of every room and the building, electronically forwarding these pictures to us and saving us valuable traveling time and costs and hence allowing Tasneem and I to spend more time with each other as well as focusing on our other priorities. Obviously, this contributed to a stress free home purchase experience. 

Tasneem and I were in constant communications with Rob. Based on the digital pictures and various features of the Condo, we selected the condos that we wanted to visit. Rob provided valuable guidance on the pros and cons of each unit, including condo features, layout, floor tiles, faults with the unit, potential maintenance costs, how we would set up our existing and new furniture, type of painting etc. 

During the negotiation phase, Rob worked very hard to get us the best deal based on our previously discussed price range. Rob also provided us advice on Mortgages, provided us with documentation on various home Insurance coverage, gave us a list of real-estate lawyers, worked with us during the entire closing phase and even worked with us in choosing the colours for different rooms in our unit. In addition, Rob provided us with the service of delivering our Condo package, which includes the condo Status certificate, to our lawyers. Overall, Rob is a very client focused individual and there are absolutely no "time pressures" when working with him. 

Rob also has a trusted partner, Nadia, who was also exceptional and assisted Rob throughout the process of our condo purchase. Tasneem and I were extremely satisfied with Rob's services and would highly recommend him for your home purchase. Thank you to both Rob and Nadia for a job well done!!!

Karim and Tasneem Shivji

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