2 Public Open Houses On 1st Weekend Of Being Listed

Ask any honest real estate agent and they'll tell you Open Houses are one of the least effective methods of marketing a property. However, there's an excellent Open House technique that pulls in pre-screened buyers. Here's how it works: Rob holds an Open House on the 1st Saturday and 1st Sunday immediately after a property is newly listed. He advertises both Open Houses on www.Realtor.ca.


We've found that advertising 2 Open Houses on the 1st weekend of a new listing generates many more "quality" buyers. We survey everyone who enters our Open Houses, and at least 60% to 70% attend because they saw the property and the Open Houses posted on www.Realtor.ca. That means these potential buyers already know the price, type, style, features, address and photos of the home before deciding to come through.


These are the kind of people you want at an Open House, not folks who drive by and pop in simply because they see an Open House sign, then become disappointed because the price is 100K more than they can afford.


NOTE: NO Open Houses where owners or condo rules prohibit them       


Agent-Only Open House For Some Toronto Listings

Rob will also hold an Open House ONLY for real estate agents if your property is located in some parts of Toronto. Because supply of homes is very low in sections of TO, some agents appreciate the opportunity to view a newly listed home during a weekday from 11:00am to 1:00pm. Rob will still hold 2 Public Open Houses on the 1st weekend in Toronto (unless the owner or condo rules prohibit them)


However agents in Mississauga, Brampton and other GTA cities do not attend Agent-Only Open Houses, neither is it the custom in outlying cities for listing agents to hold Agent-Only Open Houses. As a result, Rob will not hold an Agents-Only Open House outside Toronto. Agents in the suburbs simply look over the price, photos and details of new listings that come on the market, then make appointments to show only those properties suitable to their buyers.    


High Profile For Sale Sign 

Rob's post installer will install a heavy duty PVC (vinyl) post that won't fade or rot. It has a clean and polished look and holds Rob's high-impact professionally designed FOR SALE sign that will immediately draw buyers' attention to your property.    


"Just Listed" Flyers In Neighbourhood Advertising Open House

Up to 7% of all listed homes are bought by a person outside the neighbourhood who knows someone inside the neighbourhood. In other words, your neighbours can really help sell your home to one of their family members or friends. That's why Rob distributes flyers to owners surrounding the listed home. These marketing pieces also advertize the double Open House on the 1st weekend after the property is listed.


Lockbox Installed For When You're Not Home 

With the seller's permission, Rob will attach a lock box to the door handle, railing, or other accessible spot. Manufactered by Master Lock, this portable key safe is made of tamper-resistant steel with a vinyl coating that can withstand hammering or sawing. The large compartment can hold 5 house keys, and is designed to blend in with any decor to minimize attention. The lockbox enables access to the home so agents can show it to their buyers when you're not there.


Receive New And Sold Listings While Your Home Is On The Market 

You'll want to be kept informed about properties that become listed and/or sold in the neighbourhood AFTER your home is listed. Knowing what competing homes are doing is very important. You'll receive every "new", "conditionally sold" and "sold firm" listing from your neighbourhood until your property is sold. 


Rob Negotiates Aggressively On Your Behalf

Negotiating is the fun part for Rob. He enjoys taking buyers to their limits to ensure his sellers get the very best deal possible. He's developed tried and tested techniques to obtain many concessions for his sellers. No one can guarantee the outcome of any negotiation, but Rob will do everything possible to bring the buyer up in price, obtain favourable terms, and ensure Offer clauses protect and promote your best interests.


Manage Everything From Offer Acceptance To Closing Day

Rob takes care of his sellers before, during and after the Offer is accepted - right up to and including closing day. Each home purchase agreement requires attention to various details, conditions, time sensitive issues, and the fulfillment of various steps before closing. Rob manages these important follow-up items so you can enjoy a stress-free experience. If glitches arise because of the actions or inaction of other parties, Rob will work tirelessly to resolve all issues to your complete satisfaction.