Rob personally selected items & staged these rooms himself by using what the owner had, &/or by choosing 

pieces from a furniture rental company

Staging Implementation


Staged homes can sell faster and for more money!  Did you know that the vast majority of homebuyers will look at your home on the Internet first? Make no mistake, buyers will judge your property while looking at the photos and video online BEFORE deciding whether to schedule a viewing.


That's why Rob rolls up his sleeves to make Rob's room-by-room staging recommendations come to life. Giving our clients the best opportunity to attract as many buyers as possible, and ultimately sell at a higher price is our number one goal. Rob does the work, and you reap the rewards!


Based on Rob's room-by-room recommendations, Rob will personally:


1)  Declutter the interior and exterior


Making a home appear larger than it is will increase the sales price. Every room can feel larger by removing certain furniture and accessory items. De-cluttering doesn't just mean tidying up all the messes, or picking up after the kids. It's eliminating the clutter of furniture, the clutter of too many and sundry wall-hangings, overloaded closets, storage piles here and there, knick-knacks, unco-ordinated collections of accessories, and all sorts of stuff owners keep in their rooms and on their lawns for functional, practical and sentimental reasons.


Rob will assist owners box unnecessary items; remove unnecessary furniture, wall-hangings and table-top accessories from each room; clear kitchen, bathroom and other counter tops, remove unnecssary items from the frontyard, side of house, and backyard (boxes, bags and box tape supplied by owner)


2)  Rearrange furniture throughout


Your furniture may already be properly arranged. If not, we'll move pieces around to ensure each room achieves its highest and best use, has warm and inviting conversation areas, interesting focal points, and eliminates traffic congestion. The goal is to make rooms look larger, and feel as great as they can to impress buyers.


Rob will rearrange all furniture pieces, lamps, rugs, plants, and entertainment equipment in every room where needed to improve buyer appeal throughout the property. If Rob can't move large items with his dolly, he'll hire a labouror to help him move pieces from and to any room, basement or the garage, at no extra charge.


3)  Accessorize throughout


Accessorizing involves adding some flair and style to your home so it stands out from other properties on the market. Using what you have, Rob will choose accessories (from your own collection) that are inspired by or complementary to the furniture, wall colours and window coverings in your property. These accessories will add interest, coordinate with your furniture and wall color, and improve balance and appeal within each room.


Rob will work with your existing accessories, window coverings, wall-hangings and bedding. He'll hang prints (paintings), make beds to maximize the feel of comfort, beauty and presentation, decorate kitchen and bathroom countertops, stage dining and breakfast tables, and create appealing collections of accessories throughout the home.  


4)  Rent furniture & accessories at the seller's expense:


If the seller is willing to pay for the rental of some furniture and accessories, Rob will visit the showroom of RentWOW or Executive Furniture Rentals to select modern furniture pieces and needed accessories to compliment the owner's existing furniture, which will greatly enhance the overall presentation of the home. Rental items will help create warm, inviting, updated, spacious and visually beautiful rooms that will significantly increase buyer appeal and interest.


Rob will personally stage all rented furniture and accessories in the seller's house upon their delivery. 

4)  Make final touches before Rob's professional photographer arrives:


There's an old saying, “never judge a book by its cover”, but when it comes to selling your home, the  "cover" is the first thing buyers judge. So, ensuring your home is in its best "photo-state" prior to the photographer's arrival is an important task. High res photography and the video shoot must capture rooms in their most desirable condition. 


Rob will tweak every room and ensure leaves are swept from the driveway on the day of the photo-shoot. In other words, he'll make sure the interior and exterior looks great for the camera just before the photographer arrives.

Samples of Some of Rob's Staging Work


using rented furniture and accessories, and/or

simply using the seller's own furniture and items